Upcoming Events in Madrid

Mindfulness Meditation – Weekend Retreat
Fri July 27th 8pm to Sun July 29th 2pm

Free Introduction to Mindfulness Class – In English
Mon August 13th, Mon Sept 17th or Mon Oct 1st at 19:30

Free Introduction to Mindfulness Class – In Spanish
Wed August 22nd, Wed Sept 12th or Wed Oct 3rd at 19:30

Mindfulness Meditation Daylong Retreat
Saturday July 14th 11am to 6pm

8 Week Mindfulness Course in English
Starts Monday October 1st at 19.00

8 Week Mindfulness Course in Spanish
Starts Wednesday October 3rd at 19.00

Why Mindfulness Madrid?

Studies show that mindfulness reduces stress and increases peace of mind and well-being.  It is taught in companies such as Google and Apple, in universities, in psychology and even in professional sports.  Today millions of people around the world practice mindfulness.

The teachers at Mindfulness Madrid have trained as mindfulness teachers with the University of Massachusetts (the center where modern mindfulness courses first began).  They each have years of teaching experience and have spent extended periods studying meditation in the United States and Asia.

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Studies on Mindfulness

Study:  Mindfulness reduces stress in a busy work environment

Harvard Neuroscientist:  Mindfulness not only reduces stress, here’s how it changes your brain
Study:  Brain scans show that long-time meditator is the “happiest man in the world”

“The benefits of mindfulness meditation were obvious in coping with my stress and anxiety”
Tarana, Mindfulness Madrid Course Participant
“I came into the introductory class quite skeptical that I would be able to still my mind, but at the same time hopeful. I found the teacher’s skillful guidance, attitude and presence to be calming and very helpful throughout the course, and I noticed with regular practice that I did increase my resilience and inner peace in general. After the course I still note the cumulative effects and would wholeheartedly recommend the practice of mindfulness meditation”
Reese, Mindfulness Madrid Course Participant
“I feel very happy to have had the opportunity to attend the classes. They’ve already had a positive impact on my everyday life”
Monica, Mindfulness Madrid Class Participant

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