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Corporate Mindfulness Training

We have some of the most experienced mindfulness teachers in Spain, with experience teaching mindfulness in companies, universities and organizations.

We can tailor mindfulness trainings to suit the needs of your organization.  We offer trainings ranging from 1-hour workshops up to 8 week courses consisting of a class once a week for 8 weeks, and everything in between.  We also offer daylong and multi-day mindfulness trainings, either at your location or at beautiful off-site locations surrounded by nature.

We offer workshops and courses in English and in Spanish.

About Mindfulness

Mindfulness reduces stress, increases well-being and improves focus and concentration.

There are more than 3,000 studies showing the benefits of mindfulness. These include studies at Harvard, Oxford, and other leading universities.

Mindfulness is taught widely in companies, for example at Google, Apple and Intel. Many of the world’s leading athletes train in mindfulness, including Olympic gold medalists.


Benefits of Mindfulness
• Reduced stress
• Greater peace of mind and well-being.
• Improved concentration
• Improvements in relationships (when we have less stress and are more present, that can
affect how we interact with others)
• Increased productivity


Our Mindfulness Workshops and Courses
Participants learn a variety of mindfulness techniques for reducing stress, increasing well-being and improving focus and concentration.

Our workshops and courses are very hands-on and participatory and will give participants practical tools that they can continue to use after the workshop to train in mindfulness.

Areas we cover in a typical workshop –
• Learn mindfulness techniques for reducing stress, increasing focus, and deepening well-being.
• Understand some of the science behind mindfulness.
• Try out mindfulness for yourself – you’ll be guided step by step through a number of different mindfulness practices.
• Learn how to work with some of the initial challenges that can come up in mindfulness
• How to continue with mindfulness after the workshop


Companies that provide mindfulness programs for their employees include:




Mindfulness in the Media.

Financial Times: “The Mind Business”.
(Article about how some of the world’s largest companies are using mindfulness and related practices)

Washington Post: “Harvard neuroscientist: Meditation not only reduces stress, here’s how it changes your brain”

Harvard Business Review: “Mindfulness Can Literally Change Your Brain”


Mindfulness in Businesses
“The main business case for mindfulness is that if you’re fully present on the job, you will be more effective as a leader, you will make better decisions and you will work better with other people”
– William George, Goldman Sachs board member and former CEO of the healthcare giant Medtronic.

Aetna, one of the hundred largest companies in the United States, estimates that the productivity gains from its mindfulness training program for employees amount to $3,000 per employee, an eleven-to-one return on investment. Source: Mindful Work, by David Gelles.



Contact Us

To find out more, please email us at info@mindfulnessmadrid.com or using the contact page on this website.

We look forward to talking with you about how we can meet your needs.