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Online Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Course

Learn and deepen a variety of mindfulness techniques to reduce stress,  increase focus and concentration, boost your well-being and develop all emotional intelligence competencies. 

We are living through exceptionally difficult times that can lead to increased feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, or even fear. The social isolation, disrupted work and family routines, and economic instability can all cause increased worry and stress, and as our home and professional lives blend together, many people find that it is even harder than before to find a little time and space to take care of oneself. In the meantime, chronic stress was rampant even before the pandemic.

During these challenging times, Mindfulness can become an invaluable tool to regain balance and focus and face the current situation with more calm and emotional intelligence.

A growing body of research from leading universities from all over the world provide evidence that a regular mindfulness practice reduces stress and leads to greater calm and well-being.

This online mindfulness course is suitable for those, who would like to start or deepen their mindfulness practice, from the comfort of their home, supported by an experienced teacher and with a group of companions to share the experience. No previous mindfulness or meditation experience is required.

During our Online Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Course you are going to learn:

  • What Mindfulness is and how to develop it to reduce stress, improve concentration and cultivate mental and emotional well-being;
  • Why it works: the neuroscience behind mental training;
  • How to establish a sustainable practice at home and bring Mindfulness to your daily life;
  • How to develop greater awareness of thoughts and thought patterns, so that in time they have less control over us.
  • How to develop greater body awareness, that will help us to be more in the present moment and is a foundation for working mindfully with emotions.
  • How to develop our self-awareness and self-management skills – the fundamental emotional intelligence competencies – to face the difficulties in life with more calm and clarity, and to make better decisions;
  • About resilience – what it is and how to develop it, to recover faster and more easily after a set-back or a crisis;
  • How to develop our interpersonal emotional intelligence: empathy, collaboration and compassion – to create satisfying personal relationships, based on respect, trust, and mutual understanding;
  • Applications of Mindfulness in interpersonal communication – how to have difficult conversations and resolve conflicts preserving and improving your relationships.


8-week Online Training 
delivered by a SIY Certified Teacher

Starts on Monday, April 12th, 2021,
at 7:30pm CET

Drawing from modern neuroscience, psychology, and mindfulness research, and through a combination of content and exercises, this highly interactive learning program will help you develop mindfulness and emotional intelligence skills through your own lived experience and experimentation:

  • Highly experiential: 30% presentation of a new topic + 70% practice and exercises (mindfulness guided meditation, journaling, dyads, discussion in groups, etc);
  • 8 weeks, 9 live sessions (16 hours of class time): the first session is 2 hours, sessions 2nd to 9th are 1h 45min;
  • Sessions once a week (on Mondays at 7:30pm CET), online, vía Zoom;
  • Participants receive recordings of guided mindfulness meditations they can use at home;
  • Weekly e-mails with additional resources;
  • Certificate of completion;
  • Class dates:
    April 12, 19, 26
    May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
    June 7
  • Course facilitated by a Search Inside Yourself Certified Teacher (Mindfulness-based Emotional Intelligence training from Google)

PRICE: 239€ 


Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to Mindfulness: the why, what and how
  2. Mindfulness: the possible challenges in the practice and how to work with them. The neuroscience
  3. Mindfulness as a tool to develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  4. Emotional regulation and strategies to better self-manage during challenging times
  5. Resilience: negativity bias and how to develop our inner resources
  6. Resilience: mindfulness of thought processes and how to have a more positive outlook on life
  7. Empathy and collaboration. How to cultivate satisfying relationships with other people
  8. Values, intentions and how to create trust in our relationships with others
  9. Compassion. Integration of all we’ve learned during the course into our daily lives

Meet your teacher:

Martyna Papciak is a Certified Teacher of “Search Inside Yourself”– mindfulness program born at Google and delivered to organizations like SAP, Salesforce, Roche, and many others all over the world. With personal experience of working in the corporate world, Martyna specializes in the applications of mindfulness in the workplace and as a practical tool to develop emotional intelligence, collaboration, and resilience. She holds a master’s degree in Human Resources Management from the University of Economics in Wroclaw (Poland) and an MBA from IE Business School in Madrid.

Martyna has vast personal meditation practice that she acquired in world-recognized meditation centers both in the West (the United States, France, Switzerland, England and Spain) and the East (in monsateries in India, Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam). During the trainings, she combines her passion for meditation with modern research and neuroscience, and drives from varied secular methodologies of teaching mindfulness (MBSR from the University of Massachusetts, CCT from the University of Stanford and MSC from the University of Texas, among others). 

•  View Martyna’s LinkedIn profile  •  Listen to Martyna’s guided practices on Insight Timer  •   



  • 9 online sessions, vía Zoom: the first session is 2 hour long, the remaining sessions are 1 hour 45 minutes (16 hour of class time)
  • All classes are live, on Wednesdays at 7:30pm CET. The training starts on April 12th, 2021 
  • Audio recordings of guided mindfulness meditations
  • Certificate of completion of the course
  • Training delivered by a Certified Search Inside Yourself Teacher
  • This course is taught in English. (For a training in Spanish, please CLICK HERE)

PRICE: 239Eur


(The goal of Mindfulness Madrid is to make the proven benefits of mindfulness and meditation available to everyone. If you are unemployed at the moment or if you are facing other financial difficulties and would like to request a reduced price, please, let us know by sending an e-mail to info@mindfulnessmadrid.com )

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